It’s time to tackle the overwhelm.

 We all experience overwhelm.


But what do you do when you can’t see the woods from the trees? Your ever-growing list piles up and you write list upon list, sometimes just rewriting things?

At Freedom from Tedium we are experts at helping our clients deal with the overwhelm. We help neurodivergent business owners tackle the overwhelm- with our award winning business support and mentoring. 

You can now grab a structured,  focused session with our founder, Anita to support you with getting all the tasks out of your head and prioritised in a realistic way so that you can take action moving forward. During the session you will learn techniques for handling your never ending to-do list in a manageable way . The first half of the call involves a comprehensive dive into all the things on your list, with the  second half focused on creating a focused, prioritised action plan that will actually move you forward! You can book at a time to suit you below: