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Running a business is hard! Being neurodivergent is also hard.  Add the two together and many of us are exhausted by the constant challenges and frustrations.  I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to do it alone.

Imagine handing off the tasks that drain you. Having an assistant track your time or manage social media. Or a mentor who guides you through the paperwork and planning your way.

You focus on your zone of genius while we handle the rest. Our range of services empower neurodivergent business owners with flexibility and understanding.

The talented and experienced Freedom from Tedium team are here to support you.  Let us help you thrive on your terms.

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Access to Work Support & Award Management


Coaching & Mentoring

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Virtual Assistance/Support


Executive Function Training


Software/Systems Training

All aspects of business support available. Contact us to discuss your tailored package.

• Coaching & Mentoring

• Access to Work Support

• Advocacy Support

• Exec Function Training

• Software & Tech Training

• Social Media Support

• Goal Setting

• Content Creation

• Body Doubling

• Content Planning

• Complaints Management

• Appointment Booking

• Client Engagement

• Appointment Reminders

• Process Mapping

• Customer Support

• Job Aide support

• Research and Reports

• Support Worker 

• Task Management

Having a member of the Freedom From Tedium team on your side means you have support through overwhelm. Hand over any distractions quickly and effectively leaving you free to focus on the most important tasks each day.

Have you been meaning to apply for Access to Work funding but just don’t seem to be able to get your head around the application process?

Maybe you’ve applied but are struggling to find the right support or the paperwork and keeping track of the award is a challenge.

Are you feeling frustrated that the little tasks keep eating up your day and you are left not feeling productive enough?

Are you overwhelmed by your to do list and don’t know where to start?  Maybe you find there are days when you don’t start at all because of this. 

Imagine someone else picking up your appointment booking and keeping you on track? Dropping you regular reminders and then checking in to make sure you have all you need to get the job done!

Do you need help to break a project down into smaller tasks? Do you find you are more productive when you have someone checking in and keeping you on track?  

Perhaps you need a decision maker who can keep your business running day to day whilst you focus on specific tasks?

Whether you need practical hands on support, or someone to discuss ideas and solutions with. We can help!

Client Testimonials

Our wonderful clients at Freedom From Tedium tell us how they have found our services.

Just the right mix of supportiveness and kick up the ****…

“I had a power hour and it really has helped me push ahead with areas of the business I had been putting off.

 The perfect approach.”

Helen W

Loved the Trello Training today …


“Came away with loads of ideas and can’t wait to get started.

Would definitely recommend, it is well worth doing!”

Natasha B

A great sounding board …

“I worked with Anita to help clarify a new package I am offering. She was professional, knowledgeable and very supportive

… offering different perspectives and challenging my ideas to allow it to grow and develop.”

Hayley T

Call or email us today and book your free initial consultation so we can begin to pull together a proposal to suit your needs.