What is ADHD Coaching

Anita is our specialist ADHD coach, she also has ADHD herself so she understands first hand how this can impact your home and business life.

ADHD specific coaching allows us to reflect on the common impairments of ADHD.  Many of these symptoms are at least partly linked to challenges with executive function.

Anita works with clients to help them to identify which of these common challenges they face and how there home and business lives are being affected.

In the early stages of working together Anita will help you work out where you are now, where you want to get to. In doing this you will work together to find the tools and strategies to achieve this.

As a serial entrepreneur, Anita knows the challenges of building a business and how ADHD can impact our business development and growth.  Many of our clients are experiencing overwhelm.  Tired and frustrated by having to mask so called ‘ADHD traits’ to meet social norms.  Wrangling with emotional dysregulation and sensory overload the list of additional challenges for the ADHD business owners goes on.

Anita is an experienced, empathetic coach.  Her emotional intelligence and active listening skills ensure that clients are comfortable and have the space to really explore their ADHD and find the tools and strategies to succeed.

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