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With over 20 years of administrative and management experience and 45 years of learning to harness her ADHD brain our Director, Anita Davies, has a true passion for helping businesses to grow.

A natural problem solver and empath, Anita originally built Freedom from Tedium to offer a cost effective administrative solution to business owners.

Anita recognises her own strengths and knows the power of ensuring we surround ourselves with a team that will allow us the space to focus on our strengths.  As a result we have moved to supporting neurodivergent entrepreneurs and business owners so that we can empower neurodivergent business owners, like you, to do the same.

Working with Freedom from Tedium ensures you get the very best support and funding so that you too can focus on your strengths while the team helps to remove as much of the overwhelm and frustration as possible.

Work with us to bring structure,  productivity and fulfillment to you and your business.

We specialise in supporting Neurodivergent clients, indeed some of the team have faced the same challenges you are.  We know how hard and exhausting it can be trying to function in a world built for the neurotypical among us.

We know what it is like finding yourself trying to take on all of the roles and how it quickly affects both your business and home life.  

As confident, compassionate and experienced business owners and administrative professionals you are in excellent hands.

Why I founded and continue to build

Freedom From Tedium

I am Anita and Freedom from Tedium is my business support agency.  I thought it might be useful to tell you a little of the back story to the business and how we have got to where we are today.

I always wanted to work for myself however as an ambitious and determined young woman I allowed myself to get distracted building a career in the higher education sector, finding myself with little time for other projects. Having managed large administrative functions for much of my 20-year career I had gained a wealth of knowledge, experience and transferable skills.

In my mid 30’s, I suddenly found myself juggling my career and a young family.  Where I thought I had little or no time to get things done in my 20’s I quickly learned that I really didn’t have much time to spare any more.  Instead of getting my head down and just getting on with it though, these added challenges reawakened the entrepreneurial spirit in me and I took the decision to walk away from my career and ‘go it alone’.  I describe the first few years of this experience, as a roller coaster.  The highs and lows were, and at times continue to be exhausting and crazy but its really exciting too.

I had worked hard to ensure a good work life balance so I had quality time to enjoy my little boys.  As we emerged from Covid I realised that these boundaries had blurred again.  If I’m honest coming out of the pandemic I had lost my business mojo a bit.  it was time to review the business model again.

Now here we are with a renewed focus and an ever increasing team.  I have ADHD and whilst working on my own self development it became increasingly clear that I am best suited to supporting clients with business planning, growth, organisational skills and coaching.  I still want to be a practitioner and support clients closely but I also have to ensure that I allow myself the space to work at my best.

My wonderful team have empowereed me to step out of the day to day business leaving them to support our clients with the adminstrative tasks, body doubling and a range of other valuable business support packages. I am now stepping up and focusing on managing Access to Work applications and awards for clients and offering coaching, mentoring and executive function training.

This is such an exciting time as we can ensure that our clients get the exact support they need when they need it.  I can also focus some time on ensuring I am practicing what I preach and getting my own work life balance back – my not so little boys are already growing far too quickly so ensuring I have the time to enjoy them is essential.  Let me and my team give you time back to enjoy your family, friends and hobbies too. Hell let us give you the time back to take a breath and not feel like you are permantly trying to catch up.

I am a natural problem solver; I really can’t help myself.  If someone presents me with a problem, I feel the need to find a solution for them, a way to improve it.  This is one of the reasons so many of our clients stay with Freedom from Tedium and tell their colleagues about us to.

I love to see individuals succeed and building Freedom from Tedium allows me to support, not only, our clients and help them to harness their strengths but it also allows us to support and help to build other Virtual Admin businesses.  I don’t claim to have all of the skills to support your business I do however have a bag full of tools and coaching experience and I know a ‘virtual’ army of other social media managers, web & graphic designers and other talented administrators that can work alongside me to ensure you get the support that you deserve.

I’d love to work with you and help you to bring order and productivity to your life.

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