If you haven’t worked with a Virtual Assistant (VA) before, you may be wondering how they can help you grow your business. After all, you may be thinking that it’s only larger companies that tend to work with VAs – but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Many small businesses have been reaping the benefits of having a VA on their team – whether they’re a team of one or a team of many.

A VA isn’t just someone who completes the tasks you give them, they can actually bring a lot to the table. Their skills enable them to help you grow as a business owner, help your business to be more structured and successful, whilst also helping you to scale faster.

So if you were wondering exactly how a VA can help, here’s a quick rundown on the benefits of having a VA on your business team!

#1: You will have space to do what you do best

Many business owners have realised that hiring a VA means they can finally stop doing everything on their own! As a solopreneur you’re used to having to do tasks you don’t like doing, can’t do, or maybe you are struggling to find the time to do. By outsourcing those tasks to a VA, you’re giving yourself the biggest gift – you’re giving yourself the space and time to focus on what you do best.

#2: If you’re ready to grow your business give it the support it needs

A VA is often the first team member that small business owners bring on board. They’re the start of a new team, as you realise you can easily bring on new team members and more support for your business. You can access new skills, ramp up your business marketing and promotional efforts, whilst also bringing in the support your business needs, to improve and grow to the level you envisage it being.

#3: Business standards can be improved 

As administrative assistants VAs are adept at setting up systems and workflows. They can go through your business and create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to better support it and also help you to improve business standards across the board. If you have a set procedure to follow for every task in your business, you’re going to get greater consistency and a better overall, repeatable standard.

#4: Every area of your business can get the attention it deserves 

Freedom from Tedium and our talented team of VA’s can help you grow your business by helping focus on those areas that are currently lacking in attention. You can only do so much and, as your business grows, your time and focus are only going to get stretched further. By hiring a VA you can have them focusing on areas you may otherwise miss – and these are often the back office systems your business needs, to run efficiently. Areas such as customer service, accounts, human resources and online visibility.  

#5: Your business can scale faster 

If you want your business to scale, you need the right support in place to help you grow. This means every area of your business needs the attention it deserves, standards need to be improved and maintained, your business needs to be supported, and you need the space to focus on what you do best. 

Many entrepreneurs have a vision of reaching bigger goals, larger financial targets and growing the business faster, but they can do this faster, if they bring a VA on board.

As VAs, we’re here to help. We want your business to be a success and we thrive on giving you the support you need, to make that happen. As we work virtually – you don’t have the overheads nor the commitment associated with hiring inhouse staff. So if you’re ready to grow your business, get in touch and see how we can potentially help you? When you’re ready to have a chat to explore your options, we’ll be here – just pick up the phone or fill out our contact form.

Image courtesy of IgorVetushko/DepositPhotos.com