In times of difficulty, one of the top questions on many a business person’s mind is this – is it insensitive to market your business and maintain business visibility during a time such as this? Many feel guilty that they’re even having the thought in the first place! However, the reality of the situation is this – if you don’t market your business, your business is going to struggle.

The reality is that now is the perfect time to work on your business visibility. Why? Well as long as you’re marketing sensitively to fit the situation, here’s the reasons why the time is right.

#1: People are online more now than ever – they have time on their hands

There are more people on social media lately, as so many people are working from home and connected to their home internet connections. Online marketing platforms has drastically lowered their advertising pricing, so businesses can benefit from a higher return on their investment. 

#2: Plans are being made for after this is all over 

Lots of people are wanting to hit the ground running, when normality returns and this is going to impact on a lot of different niches. People are taking this down time to plan now, ready for a period of growth once normality returns. Those who have embraced a new way of working, are looking for help to get started with their own businesses. Long suppressed dreams and ambitions are being fueled, as new hobbies are taking shape, whilst holiday breaks away and big DIY projects are being planned.

#3: You have solutions they need – so you need to stay visible

People need to see that you offer value and can help them in some way. They’re looking for solutions – and you have what they’re searching for. Even if they can’t currently commit to the solution they need, due to travel and/or financial restrictions, maintaining your visibility is key, as it shows them there is a solution available. 

#4: This isn’t about marketing – it’s about visibility

If you show up, no matter what, you’re showing that you are here to stay. You’re building on the know, like and trust elements of business – especially if you share content that’s full of value and relevance to your audience. It isn’t necessarily about even selling – if you don’t feel right promoting your services, just be visible to share value. 

The key to maintaining visibility is to be consistent

Now may be the perfect time to work on your business visibility, but in order for it to be effective, you need to be consistent. Uncertainty within your life or the world at large, will inevitably lead you to fall into one of two camps – you’ll either have time on hands but no motivation, or the motivation you need, but no time – and this will lead to a break in that consistency.

In times of difficulty it is natural to question whether you should be marketing and promoting your business. However, they’re often the very times that you do need to step up and work more on your visibility. Not only will it help your business and your morale, it will very often help your ideal customers, too!

This is where Freedom from Tedium can help. We can handle some of your visibility for you or give you the tools to help you to focus and create the content yourself. If home-schooling has left you with no free time to create your blog posts, let us research and write them for you. If the prolonged time at home has left you a little short on creativity or motivation, we are happy to create your social media content – and if you just want a hand managing your business whilst you get back on an even keel, our talented team are just the ticket.

If you’re looking for help during these difficult times, why not reach out and let’s talk. With our free no obligation initial call we can learn more about your business needs and tell you how we can help you in a range of different ways, so get in touch now and establish how we can best help you.

Image courtesy of KostyaLlimenko/DepositPhotos.com