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Why we’re the right people to help…

With 20 years of administrative and management experience our Director, Anita Davies, has a true passion for helping businesses to grow.

A natural problem solver Anita has built Freedom from Tedium to not only offer a cost effective administrative solution to business owners but also an excellent opportunity to work alongside other talented virtual assistants to ensure that you – our client – have access to a wide range of skilled technicians in all areas of business support.

Working with Freedom from Tedium gives you the opportunity to expand your back office well beyond your current business size without the risks and challenges of employing until you are ready to do so.

Work with us to bring structure and productivity to your business.

Our team are all business owners, just like you, we’ve been where you are, and we know how hard it can be to hand over the work to someone else.   We also know what it is like finding yourself trying to take on all of the roles and finding it affecting both your business and home lives.   As confident and experienced business owners and administrative professionals you are in excellent hands.

Why I founded Freedom From Tedium

I always wanted to work for myself however as an ambitious and determined young woman I allowed myself to get distracted building a career in the higher education sector, finding myself with little time for other projects. Having managed large administrative functions for much of my 20-year career I had gained a wealth of knowledge, experience and transferable skills.

In my mid 30’s, I suddenly found myself juggling my career and a young family.  Where I thought I had little or no time to get things done in my 20’s I quickly learned that I really didn’t have much time to spare any more.  Instead of getting my head down and just getting on with it though, these added challenges reawakened the entrepreneurial spirit in me and I took the decision to walk away from my career and ‘go it alone’.  I describe the first few years of this experience, so far, as a roller coaster.  The highs and lows can be exhausting and crazy but its really exciting too, I really wouldn’t want it any other way.  I have also ensured that having my own business gives me back my work life balance – my little boys are already growing far too quickly so ensuring I have the time to enjoy them is essential.  Let me and my team give you time back to enjoy your family, friends and hobbies too.

I am a natural problem solver; I really can’t help myself.  If someone presents me with a problem, I feel the need to find a solution for them, a way to improve it.  This is one of the reasons so many of my clients stay with Freedom from Tedium and tell their colleagues about us to.

I love to see businesses succeed and building Freedom from Tedium allows me to support, not only, our clients and help them to build there business but it also allows us to support and help to build other Virtual Admin businesses.  I don’t claim to have all of the skills to support your business I do however know a ‘virtual’ army of other social media managers, web & graphic designers and other talented administrators that can work alongside me to ensure you get the back office support that your business deserves.

I’d love to work with you and bring order and productivity to your business.

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