How do you get to spend less time on your admin and more time with your family? It’s a dilemma many entrepreneurs face, especially those who work alone. The admin that comes with running your own business means you spend more time on your admin than your family.  You might even find that you are spending more time on admin than any of the revenue generating tasks too! So how can you turn it around so you are spending more time with your family and less time on those admin tasks?

There are four different ways you can implement a change if you want to spend less time doing your admin. The first is to stop those non-essential tasks, the second; to use automation on the regular recurring tasks. Whilst the third option is to pass your admin tasks over to someone else to do. The fourth is a hybrid of the previous 3 and we love to help clients identify what task falls into which category.

If you want to spend less time on admin know what tasks to drop

Before you start panicking about dropping any tasks from your day, think for a moment. Are all of the admin tasks on your list, tasks that have a purpose, or are some of those tasks ones you’re repeating out of habit?

Take printing off and examining Google Analytics reports as an example. It’s something that is often recommended we do on a regular basis, but it’s only useful if you’re going to use those reports – and do you even have to print them off?

If you want to spend less time doing your admin, you need to get ruthless with the tasks on your list. Look through them and see if there are tasks that really could be dropped, but you’re hanging onto, out of habit.

Use automation on the regular recurring tasks

Some of the tasks you come up against on your list are also tasks that still need doing but could easily be done automatically. This helps you spend less time on them, but still gets them done. Social media scheduling to the different platforms is one example. It takes far longer to go to each platform and schedule posts than it does if you use one piece of software to schedule them all out for you.

Customer service queries, onboarding clients, sending out reminders and contracts etc, they’re all tasks that can be automated. So, go through your list of tasks and see what can benefit from being automated, so you can free up your time a little more, so you can spend it with your family.

Pass your admin tasks over to someone else

And that brings us onto your remaining tasks. How many of those tasks can only be done by you? I know you may be the only one in your business at the moment, but what if you weren’t? What if there was someone you could hand them over to – would you still be the only person who could do those tasks?

If you answered no to that last question, it’s time to prioritise. If you want to spend less time on your admin and more time with your family, you’re going to need to have a serious think. Hiring a Virtual Assistant for a few hours a month may just get those tasks off your to-do list. A Virtual Assistant can be hired for as few or many hours as you need. So how many hours would it take, for them to complete those tasks for you? How many hours would it free up for you, so you can spend time with your family?

The only tasks you should have on your to-do list are the tasks only you can do. Everything else can be passed over, automated or dropped completely. Implement the first three options by asking us to take you through them and implement solution so you can spend less time on your admin and more time with your family, get in touch? We’re a friendly, personal team of Virtual Assistants who specialise in freeing up your time – so let’s talk and see how we can help you!