Anyone who uses social media for their business knows, if you want to see an upturn in visibility and engagement, you need to be consistently posting. But it can be difficult to know what type of content you need to be posting, especially if you haven’t yet created a social media plan for your business.

To help you get started, here’s a rundown of 5 different types of content you need to be posting on your social media platforms. 

Before you post, here’s what you need to know

No matter what type of content you are posting on your social media feed, you need to get clear on why you’re posting a particular piece of content. So ask yourself the following:

  1. Who are you aiming your content towards?
  2. What problem are they having?
  3. How can I help?
  4. Why am I posting – what’s the purpose of this piece of content?
  5. What do I want them to do, once they’ve seen it?

Those 5 questions will help you stay on target and ensure you’re posting content that’s relevant to your audience. Because let’s face it, it’s not just about being clear on why you’re posting something – it needs to attract and engage your audience in some way too, If you want to increase visibility and interaction.

The 5 different types of content you need to be posting on social media

Now you’re clear on why your posting, you can take a look at the different types of content you need to be posting:

#1 Share visual content on your social media platforms

Graphics, videos, memes and GIFs are always popular on social media. Why? Because they’re great at capturing attention and they appeal to us visually. Not everyone likes seeing long form post updates – many prefer visual content, as it’s easier to digest and summarise what we’re trying to say.

#2: Post your best content 

Whether it’s blogs, podcasts, videos or audios, share them with your social media fans. Don’t assume that just because you previously published it, that they’ve already seen it. The reality is, there’s a high chance that they haven’t!

#3: Engagement pieces

If you want interaction on your social media accounts, you need to share pieces that engage your audience. This can be anything from questions and simple polls, through to anecdotes and personal stories. People love to be asked their opinions and they love to relate to something you’re sharing. 

#4: Other people’s social media content

Don’t be afraid to share other people’s content. It’s not about helping them get clicks over to their profiles and sites etc – it’s about being of value to your audience. But be clever when you share it. Add in a post about your thoughts on the subject or explain why you’re showcasing or promoting someone else. Give your audience a reason to care about what you’re sharing and why you’re sharing it.

#5: Your promotional content 

Created an opt-in page or sales page on your site? Share it with your social media audience! If you’re running an offer or promotion, let them know – and if you’ve created a great new freebie, give them the details. Promotional content doesn’t have to be blatant sales pieces either – share testimonials and customer wins, explain the benefits your customers get from your products and generally focus on what’s in it for your audience.

Posting the 5 different content types above will help you build up the habit of constantly posting content of value to your audience. And whilst you’re getting into that habit, why not use this list as a basis for creating a social media calendar, so you can really ramp up the visibility and engagement!

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Image courtesy of AllaSerebrina/DepositPhotos.com